Supv Eve Communications

Company Name:
Supv Eve Communications
Department: DHMC-Telecommunications
Schedule: Full-time 30-40 hours
Hours: Monday - Friday; 3:00PM - 11:30PM
Job ID: 26654
Job Code: 400455
Job Details:
High School/GED
At the direction of the Communications Supervisor, supervise the Evening/Night operations of the Communication Center, and provide management of communications equipment, computers and databases. In the supervisor's absence, oversee the operation of the Communications Center to ensure the communications needs of the Medical Center and patients are met in an expeditious, effective and economical manner.
Operate the Infinity switchboard system, and complete all Communications Tech duties, as required.
Provide 7x24 telephone switchboard support as required.
Complete the scheduling for Communications Center personnel.
Provide training to all new employees for Infinity operations including after hours answering services and on-call triage.
Provide system problem diagnosis and complete troubleshooting procedures for the radio paging, telephones, and computer system. Perform computer system maintenance and/or backup for the Infinity paging system, and the voice mail system.
Investigate problems and concerns from other Medical Center personnel, patients and outside resources, concerning communications center services and operations. Recommend and facilitate solutions.
In conjunction with the Communication Supervisor, ensure that all emergency situations are handled according to Hospital/Departmental procedures. Follow up on any problem or concerns related to emergency situations.
In the absence of the supervisor, ensure the efficient operations within the section, while keeping the supervisor informed.
Handle personnel questions, complaints and problems among co-workers.
Troubleshoot operations problems/difficulties as they arise.
Oversee and ensure the smooth functioning of the communications system, including PBX system, audio and radio paging, census system, fire board, HEAR radio, and voice mail.
Locate and define system problems, and notify appropriate people to repair system.
Ensure that staff upholds the rules and regulations of the communications center.
Demonstrate interpersonal skills to effectively lead section personnel and to work harmoniously and productively with other departments and personnel as appropriate.
Evaluate the performance of Evening and Night Communications Techs, completing performance appraisals in conjunction with the Communications Supervisor. Provide employee counseling and assist Communications Supervisor in employee disciplinary actions.
Complete management procedures and statistical analysis on the Infinity System.
Maintain and update communications center databases to ensure the accuracy of information for communications center operations.
Maintain and ensure the proper issuing of spare radio pagers. Maintain records of pager repair and issuance of spares.
Perform other duties as required or assigned.
MINIMUM EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: High school graduate with at least two years' experience as a Hospital Communications Technician required. Excellent communications and organizational skills.

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