MR Research Specialist

Company Name:
MR Research Specialist
Department: Advanced Imaging Center
Schedule: Full-time 30-40 hours
Hours: Monday - Friday; 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Job ID: 23482
Job Code: 400669
Job Details:
Bachelor''s of Science
At the administrative direction of the Imaging Center Director and the clinical direction of the Radiologist/MRI Team Leader, independently perform all exams without any supervision within the imaging center. Serve as the primary technical resource, while working in collaboration with all levels of departmental personnel. Act as a resource to other Medical Imaging staff.
Competently operate all units of the section's imaging equipment while performing high-quality procedures in a safe and efficient manner. Review medical record and IRB protocols for patient history while gleaning pertinent clinical information. Share appropriate or any unusual information with radiologists and researchers. Transfer patient to imaging table, explain procedure and position the patient according to protocol. Explain and apply appropriate patient monitoring devices and/or investigational research devices and/or accessories. Administer applicable contrast media as prescribed by the radiologist, by oral or intravenous (IV) means. Quickly recognize and respond to hypersensitivity or allergic reaction.
Assist researchers and veterinarians in the transfer and positioning of animals for research studies. Explain and apply appropriate monitoring devices and/or investigational research devices and/or accessories. Administer applicable contrast medication as prescribed and quickly recognize and respond to hypersensitivity of allergic reaction. Maintain scrupulous separation of animal and human subjects in scanner operations. Maintain separate protocols for each related to prep, examination and cleanup.
Review Medical Imager I's, students and own studies for overall quality. Operate and troubleshoot computers associated with the section's imaging equipment used to produce, process and optimize clinical data. Archive images onto the appropriate media for the section involved. Participate in the development and application of technical attributes (i.e. efficient pulse sequences ) in research studies under the direction of lead investigators.
Independently perform quality control procedures at the designated intervals on imaging and ancillary equipment to ensure compliance with Federal and Joint Commission standards of care.
Perform preceptor responsibilities for new hires and when needed, willingly instruct medical staff, Medical Imager I's and students regarding technical procedures and unit operations especially in regards to research activities in the AIC.
Collaborate, communicate and problem solve regularly with other divisions of the department, and establish ongoing lines of communication with other DHMC departments through meetings and discussions. Work pro-actively with other DHMC departments to facilitate patient and animal access to the scheduling of examinations.
Organize daily work schedule and respond to emergencies as necessary.
Demonstrate competency in the use of all applicable aspects of the Radiology Information System (RIS), Clinical Information System (Epic), and other computer systems unique to each imaging section.
Maintain a second professional registry as mandated by the section to remain compliant with section certifications, Federal inspections and institutional research protocols.
Participate in continuing education activities as required by the section employed. If appropriate, train with the IV nurses to obtain IV insertion competency.
Perform on-call duties and/or work variable shifts as assigned to meet the needs of the department.
Perform other duties as assigned.
MINIMUM EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: Graduate of an AMA approved allied health program specific to the modality employed with a minimum of 4 years of experience required and the ability to operate all units or perform high quality exams without supervision. Professional registry for modality employed is required when mandated by Federal or section certifications or registry eligible (i.e. RTR (MR). Basic Life Support (BLS) certification required.

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